by Ovnev

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Jeremy K
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Jeremy K Much respect. Good music to enjoy in the wilderness.
Yawning Druid
Yawning Druid thumbnail
Yawning Druid Very emotional and driven black metal. Incalescence grabs you from the first moment and holds you in place. The majesty of nature leaks through in every note of this record. Highly recommended for fans of nature/folk themes in black metal. Favorite track: Oracles of the Eternal Wisdom.
Emma  thumbnail
Emma I bought this album within 30 seconds of listening, and I do not regret a single thing. After I listen to this album, all I want to do is explore. You know when the music is good when it impacts you in some way! Keep it up, can’t wait to hear more. Favorite track: Subterranean Premonitions.
OldBlueHeron thumbnail
OldBlueHeron Nice job West, this is a very immersive listen. I really can't find any fault, as it starts strong and continues through to the end.
LoneWolf thumbnail
LoneWolf Another amazing release by Ovnev that addresses the listener to be apart of this journey,put the headphones on sit back and enjoy this adventure! Nature themed atmospheric black metal at its Best... Highly recommended
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On a journey to Antarctica, a subterranean passage is discovered that leads to a lush, thriving ecosystem untainted by human life.
An entirely separate atmosphere and climate than the surface. There is intelligent life in this place that is unknown to man but soon to
be revealed.

Incalescence is an expedition transitioning through multiple environments by using the power of atmospheric black metal.

"There’s a lonesome grandeur to this album. It’s as if you’re a witness to a grand exploration, one that will only be experienced by a vanishingly small amount of people, but one that’s no less profound in its revelations because of this. Incalescence is adept at conjuring these kinds of images and feelings, and even when it turns up the heat with speed and aggression, the music is still exploratory and expansive." -WONDERBOX METAL

"Ovnev plays on contrasts and each title is a meditative initiation for a trip to this mysterious and fascinating country." -SOIL CHRONICLES

"A call to the real value of nature that many in this world have lost." -TERRA RELICTA

"Adept at implanting feelings that ebb and flow naturally betwixt a sense of awe, introspection and quiet wonder." - BLACK METAL DAILY

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released November 25, 2017

All composition, recording, mixing and layout by West Maddox

Mastered by Tom Waltz


all rights reserved




Ovnev aims to channel the essence of the wilderness. The atmosphere is heavily inspired by the earth.

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Track Name: Subterranean Premonitions
Landlocked habitat
Origin of a superior mind
Formulation of the quest
Subterranean visions

Never a respite
Intrinsic quality of life
Natural inclination
To seek that certain point

Construction of a vessel
Outward Mariner
Captivated by the foresight
Antarctic winds call

*Interview of Admiral Richard E. Byrd*

Closing the expanse
Raging winds of indefinite
Tenacity of succession
The force manifests

Radial blowback
10,000 feet of frost
Descry silhouettes
Mysterious empty void
Track Name: Icy Incalescence
Ominous sentience
Signals from ancient tomes
Magnetic malfunction
Aurora australis

Navigate, Hollows await
Driving force, Desolate
Map the stars, Show the way
Icy winds, Penetrate

Beams of light, under snow
Archaic, Timeworn
Effortless, Barrier
Breaking ground, Excavate

Follow the tunnel
Miles deep
Climate shifting
Chthonic life
Track Name: A Living Resonance
In this glorious forest
This path was meant to be
Second sun
Glows above
How did it shift from night to day?

It all has changed
More lush than home
Must be present here
With no seen canopy
Discovering, examining
A scientific dream

Seems to have consciousness
A living
Breathing resonance
Everything is one
Pierce through the trees

Track Name: Oracles of the Eternal Wisdom
Aboriginal issuance
Translucent specters
Telepathic speaking
The spirit guides
Leading through the void
Parabolic surging of light
Collection of answers
Unperceived by thought
Peer deep
Into the subconscious mind
The portal
That displaces stagnant life

The ever-growing presence
Of teleported dreams
The force pulls the waking mind
To an existence of non-existence
Hypersensitive impulses
Of electric fueled mental collision
Flashing, pulsing quasar
Containing universal knowledge
Vastness, cold, dark
Enriched with power
The surge into the waking mind
The struggle to contain the force
Eternal wisdom
Slams into the disconnected
A dark matter only seen by few
When seen there is no return
The enlightened mind will not be contained

Awakened, sight is hypersensitive
Detailed, truth revealed in all
Sacred, blood of the ancient ones
Streaming, coursing through my veins
Track Name: They Reclaimed the Land
Months of absorption
All turn into years
Two hundred have passed
Only ten in here
Tribal messenger
Warning to comply
Distinct threats occur
Present ticks away

Crumbling liaison
Shattering relations
Unwelcome, overstayed
Hatred grows, Hunted foes
Empire grown from scratch
Forest ones sent to kill
Sapien, surface scum
Ritual will succumb

No way out
Antarctica is gone
The secret
must be contained
Snuffed out
Telepathic erasers
Parasite wiped from utopia

A human
Could never exist here
He knows nothing
But destruction and fear
A protege developed
Amongst the trees
But never could
remain as one

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